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Is Vodafone’s sale of Verizon related to its new identity?

by Alex Benady

It has been a busy 24 hours for Vodafone.  Last night it completed the second biggest deal in corporate history when it sold its stake in US phone network Verizon Wireless to Verizon Communications for £84bn.

But earlier in the day a lesser story was reported in Marketing Magazine.  With virtually no fanfare Vodafone announced that it is to roll out its first new ‘global identity’ since 2005.

The work by our WPP stable-mate Brand Union features a red rhombus shape emerging from Vodafone’s inverted comma logo. Apparently it is all about demonstrating the company’s “confident energy and progression.”

The question that intrigues me is, what do these two events say about the relationship between corporate identity and corporate strategy? (more…)

Monsters Inc.

by Tom Probert

Has anyone else noticed a minor invasion of furry creatures recently? The fuzzy little critters are cropping up everywhere from Spanish car adverts to dutch mobile phone ads, even coca cola have crawled onto the bushy bandwagon. Is there a recession-based psychological reason behind this phenomenon, or is it just a cool trend that people are copying? Have they always been here and I just haven’t noticed? I’m sure there are more examples so let me know if you have any more sightings!

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