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Horsemeat scandal highlights purpose of brands

by Alex Benady

One of the fascinating aspects of the current horsemeat-in-your-lasagne scandal is that it takes us back to the original purpose of brands. With echoes of the banking crisis, it has tarnished trust in brands that has taken nearly a century to build. It’s yet another blow to the reputation of ‘business’ generally.

In recent decades, society has viewed brands primarily as vehicles for personal expression. They have been used by consumers to make statements about themselves, the kind of people they are, their aspirations and limitations.

But the first fmcg brands emerged in the Victorian era, not to express lifestyle choices, but to reassure consumers about the provenance of their foodstuffs. (more…)

Morrisons M Savers bucks decline in value lines with 40 per cent sales hike

by Alex Benady

from own label to own brandSupermarket chain Morrisons says  sales of its  budget line increased by nearly 40 per cent in the last year following a rebranding as M Savers by Coley Porter Bell. The increase means that Morrisons M Savers is the only one of the big four supermarket chains’ budget lines to grow its share of grocery sales over the past year.

Morrisons chief executive  Dalton Phillips told The Sun newspaper two weeks ago that M Savers sales were growing at a rate of 40 per cent. According to figures provided for a Design Business Association design effectiveness award paper, the performance of Morrisons  M Savers contrasted sharply with the performance of other supermarket budget ranges.

Unlike earlier recessions which saw sales of budget lines grow, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and Asda’s budget ranges all suffered  a small but marked fall in their share of grocery sales in the last twelve months. Morrisons M Savers range however, increased its share of grocery sales by nearly a third. (more…)

What about the people?

by Ed Silk

You’re sitting there, watching the box with the missus, when an intriguing new programme comes on. The People’s Supermarket. What a great concept. You become a paid up member in order to get 10% off the provisions that you buy there. All you have to do in return is contribute 4 hours of your time every 4 weeks. Then I got annoyed. Then I started shouting (at the TV, not my wife). What seemed great on paper appeared to be failing at the first hurdle. In his bid to achieve this utopian ideal of a supermarket for the people by the people, Chef Arthur Potts Dawson had failed at the fundamentals. He’d hadn’t actually asked what the people wanted to buy from a Supermarket (nor for that matter had he identified which people either). And it only seemed to dawn on him when he’d already opened the doors. If you’re going to go head-to-head with giants likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s, you’re really need to have a comprehensive understanding about your shopper and consult them on their needs and wants. It’s branding 101. Forget that and you’re a Supermarket short on custom.

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