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Lovely, tasty, nutritious, disappearing packaging

by Alex Benady

We may make our living from packaging. Packaging may enable our clients to make their living. The trouble is that within seconds of being opened or the product being consumed, packaging has no further useful purpose. It becomes surplus or waste.

And what a waste. According to HMG, in 2011 the UK produced nearly 11 million tonnes of packaging waste –just under a tenth of the UK’s total waste.  Although around sixty percent of this waste is recycled, that still leaves 4.5 million tonnes of packaging rubbish to be sorted, put out, collected and then transported to landfill, every year.

Just by way of comparison, that is almost exactly the same mount of earth that was removed from the 42 kilometres of tunnel dug for Cross Rail. But packaging is far les dense than earth so it  would fill a much longer tunnel

Wouldn’t it be so much better for everyone if somehow a large proportion of it just, well, disappeared?

Earlier this year we blogged about the work of Aaron Mickelson from the Pratt Institute New York who has found ways to make packaging do just that. He has created packaging that is part of the product and is used up as the product is used up.

Now we can report on two more developments in socially responsible, environmentally friendly packaging that just vanishes. (more…)

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