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Will Packaging Cease To Exist?

by Sarah Cameron

Global warming, being green and carbon footprints have been a hot topic since the turn of the century, and the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra of environmental waste awareness has been firmly engrained into our consumer lives.

Design student Aaron Mickelson examined whether it was possible to eliminate packaging waste entirely, instead of merely reducing it. Thinking outside the box, his project, ‘The Disappearing Package’, investigates how to create packaging that becomes the product itself. Amongst Mickelson’s collection is a soap packet that dissolves upon first use, creating no need for unwrapping or disposal (an innovative use of soap soluble ink, and water soluble paper). The student’s solution for Britain’s favourite beverage is similarly resourceful: an elegant concertina of tea bags that are torn off one by one.

Mickelson is adamant that a disappearing package doesn’t need to mean a sacrifice for the brand. He says, “Disappeared packages retain all identity and marketing opportunities of traditional packaging solutions.”

Some might argue that the internet is the answer to the future’s sustainable packaging, with virtual shopping meaning that the consumer buys the product based on a photo of it, as opposed to the tactile draw of traditional packaging. However, if Mickelson’s designs are a glimpse of the future of packaging, consumers (and the environment) have something to look forward to.

Those Crunchy Nutters

by Sarah Cameron

I’m going to put this out there – I’m just not sure about the new Crunchy Nut variant.  I’m a die-hard Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut fan, but this extension to a ‘luxury’ apply / rasin etc. granola variant is a stretch too far for me. Where’s the honey? Where’s the golden promise of nuts?  Where on earth are the cornflakes?!

The white and green identity looks a bit cold rather than luxury (and not at ALL welcoming in the wintery mornings),  and unfortunately ‘cold’ is exactly what this pack has left me feeling…



Beefeater Inside London – Best of British

by Alex Ririe


We’ve just won another award for our Beefeater Inside London Limited Edition design!  This time for the Packaging Innovations London 2012 Best of British design.

Against stiff competition including Marmite’s ‘Ma’amite’ design and Tate & Lyle’s syrup ‘Happy & Glorious’ limited edition we won a silver.

Congratulations to all involved!

Look for Longer

by Craig Barnes

As I was standing waiting for my train this morning I noticed this beautiful poster on the platform, which engrossed me and confused me in equal measure. A quick bit of research on twitter upon arriving into the office (on twitter somebody, somewhere has the answer to everything)  and I have discovered it is a cryptic piece of art depicting 75 London Underground station names. I am going to have to struggle not to spend my whole working day tying to crack them all! I’ve got Barbican (Barbie and Ken, get it?), Angel (easy) and Green Park already. This could take some time…

I’m still not sure why these posters have come about, but as a bit of a London Underground nerd, I do know that next year is the 150th anniversary of the world’s first underground train network. Perhaps this is all part of a bigger countdown campaign? I hope so; with all the Brititshness of the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee this year now over, leaving a lot of us on a post-patriotic comedown, a Tube Birthday Party in 2013 could be just the ticket…
Take a look at the website for a full resolution version and say goodbye to your lunch hour!

Actegy’s Revitive circulation booster launches in UK

by Alex Benady

Designed by Coley Porter Bell

Actegy’s Revitive circulation booster which Coley Porter Bell helped design -in addition to developing its brand identity, packaging and corporate identity, has made its market debut in the UK.

The Revitive IX is the latest version of Actegy’s ‘Circulation Booster’. Designed to help people with circulation disorders, as a result of old age, illness or disability, the new product was launched exclusively in Boots last month. The device uses electrical stimulation to significantly increase the blood flow in the feet and legs.

The Revitive IX was designed by Cambridge based medical product design company Team Consulting. Coley Porter Bell contributed design detailing to improve the branding of the product itself.

Also designed by Coley Porter Bell

CPB also designed new packaging and a word mark for Revitive IX intended to create a simple clear and powerful expression of the product’s benefits. Previous packaging had focused on product use.

The launch comes months after Actegy, formerly High Tech Health, rolled out its new identity, -also created by Coley Porter Bell. The device features the word ‘Actegy’ in moss green accompanied by a heart-shaped device that could be a tree or a circulation system. Attached is the phrase ‘powered by science, inspired by you”.

“Home healing is a relatively new way of dealing with illness. High Tech Health built the original circulation booster but its lead is being threatened by rivals. We helped them devise a visual and verbal language for the category,” said Helen Westropp, head of Coley Porter Bell’s corporate practice.


What brands can learn from fishnet stockings

by adamsweeney

I hate to ruin my reputation as a wild twentysomething – hypnotised by X Factor, tweeting by reflex and primed to riot at the drop of a Nike – but last week, I tuned in to Radio 4 to listen to Start the Week.

Having slogged my way through 40 minutes of enriching (obtuse) chatter, with neither a live text vote nor a dancing Dermot O’Leary to keep my spirits up, these closing words from sculptor Peter Randall-Page grabbed my attention.

“We spend our lives making decisions about what’s inside a thing from what’s on the outside.”


Beauty Spot: Design Aid

by Stephen Bell
Santa Marta favela, Rio de Janeiro

Santa Marta favela, Rio de Janeiro

I spotted this striking picture above in a copy of last weeks New York Times. It is part of an exhibition called ‘Design with the Other 90 Percent: Cities’ organised by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and now installed in the United Nations Visitors lobby in New York.  Association with the word ‘Design’ in affluent societies often brings to mind luxurious hotels, iPads or high fashion, but the other ’90 Percent’ in the exhibition title refers to the global population that is less affluent and quite often living in abject poverty who have no such associations. However, what is so beautiful about the exhibition is that it is a showcase for design and art projects that attempt to create solutions for millions of the world’s poorest people.


To quote Michael Kimmelman (The New York Times) -

“This is a design show about remaking the world…..And that’s thrilling, whether it’s happening in Cupertino, California, or Uganda…

…These are designs that wrestle with what have long seemed intractable crises – global pandemics like the proliferation of slums and the spread of infectious disease.”

Transformation in progress

Transformation in progress

The images attached show a painting project by artists Haas & Haan which has brought art and the pure positivity of colour to the Santa Marta favela in Rio de Janeiro. I love it. It may only be paint and a simple graphic pattern (and a whole load of creative imagination) but it would be hard not to feel emotionally uplifted by it and ultimately isn’t that what great design is all about?

Coley Porter Bell Strikes Gold at the Pentawards

by Alex Benady
That is beautiful

Now that is beautiful

Coley Porter Bell has scooped gold at the prestigious Pentawards for its design of the Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute whisky bottle which retails for more than two thousand dollars. (more…)

Coley Porter Bell and DJ Ferry Corsten mix it up for Olmeca

by Alex Benady

Look two logos

Look two logos

Coley Porter Bell has teamed up with world famous DJ Ferry Corsten to co-create a limited edition bottle for Pernod Ricard’s Olmeca tequila.

Corsten wanted a cool, contemporary bottle design to communicate his cutting edge electronic dance music. CPB presented different responses to the brief which were then modified with Corsten’s direction. (more…)

Birthday Treats in Beautiful Packaging

by Leia Baker

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