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Is Vodafone’s sale of Verizon related to its new identity?

by Alex Benady

It has been a busy 24 hours for Vodafone.  Last night it completed the second biggest deal in corporate history when it sold its stake in US phone network Verizon Wireless to Verizon Communications for £84bn.

But earlier in the day a lesser story was reported in Marketing Magazine.  With virtually no fanfare Vodafone announced that it is to roll out its first new ‘global identity’ since 2005.

The work by our WPP stable-mate Brand Union features a red rhombus shape emerging from Vodafone’s inverted comma logo. Apparently it is all about demonstrating the company’s “confident energy and progression.”

The question that intrigues me is, what do these two events say about the relationship between corporate identity and corporate strategy? (more…)

Actegy’s Revitive circulation booster launches in UK

by Alex Benady

Designed by Coley Porter Bell

Actegy’s Revitive circulation booster which Coley Porter Bell helped design -in addition to developing its brand identity, packaging and corporate identity, has made its market debut in the UK.

The Revitive IX is the latest version of Actegy’s ‘Circulation Booster’. Designed to help people with circulation disorders, as a result of old age, illness or disability, the new product was launched exclusively in Boots last month. The device uses electrical stimulation to significantly increase the blood flow in the feet and legs.

The Revitive IX was designed by Cambridge based medical product design company Team Consulting. Coley Porter Bell contributed design detailing to improve the branding of the product itself.

Also designed by Coley Porter Bell

CPB also designed new packaging and a word mark for Revitive IX intended to create a simple clear and powerful expression of the product’s benefits. Previous packaging had focused on product use.

The launch comes months after Actegy, formerly High Tech Health, rolled out its new identity, -also created by Coley Porter Bell. The device features the word ‘Actegy’ in moss green accompanied by a heart-shaped device that could be a tree or a circulation system. Attached is the phrase ‘powered by science, inspired by you”.

“Home healing is a relatively new way of dealing with illness. High Tech Health built the original circulation booster but its lead is being threatened by rivals. We helped them devise a visual and verbal language for the category,” said Helen Westropp, head of Coley Porter Bell’s corporate practice.


Cutest crit ever? 5-year-old analyzes logos

by Igor Astrologo

Candid comments by a designer’s 5 yr old daughter on a selection of well known logos.
What’s interesting are the associations she makes: while she immediately recognizes certain logos as a specific brand (ie inevitably Disney, Nike, Apple, Mcdonald’s), others represent an absolute (ie bp=gas, Starbucks=”the coffee logo”).
Amusingly, the Pepsi logo is “the pop from the pizza place” (that’s one way of putting it!), and the Olympic rings are “baby toys”… Let’s hope LOCOG don’t chuck them out the pram if all the money we’ve thrown at the Games goes to waste!




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