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Bluesky report 2014: ‘Brand China’

by Sarah Cameron

Every year, CPB launches an internal competition to broaden our minds and fill our personal ‘experience banks’. The competition asks; what would you do and where would you go with £2,500 and two weeks extra holiday. Last year’s winner Alex Ririe (CPB Business Director), was interested in how a cultural flow has started to shift from East to West. She wanted to visit China and surrounding cities to understand this shift and find out just what’s so appealing.

To help understand how Asia is impacting on western design in the future, Alex focused on four themes – Fashion, Food, Drinks and Architecture.

Places she went to include The Red Dot Museum in Singapore which is Asia’s first contemporary design museum, The Hong Kong Design Centre founded to promote Asian design and numerous flagship stores of luxury western brands in Shanghai.

After two weeks of travelling, exploring and documenting Alex left Asia with a backpack full of new insights, more experience and stories to tell.

The result of her research was an inspiring, lively and colorful exhibition at the CPB studio where Alex presented her findings. She not only showed photography from her travels and presented key findings, but also made comparisons of American influences on Western culture versus those coming from Asia like Bubble Tea and Dim Sum. She also presented key cultural motifs in Asian visual language, in Chinese clothing, decorative designs and traditional colors – emphasizing the importance of symbolic meanings in China.

 “My BlueSky trip was a brilliant experience. I have always been fascinated by Asian culture so to spend 2 weeks immersed in it was really inspiring. The interesting thing for me, was that at the moment the transfer of culture seems very one way – America and the West influences much of Asian contemporary lifestyle. However, the seas are changing and we are starting to see more and more brands emerging that are not only flying the flag for Brand China, but doing it proudly and in a way that has huge appeal to Western tastes. America has had over a century of influence and it is still early days for China, but I’m sure we will embrace more and more of Asian lifestyle, craft and culture in the future.”  Alex

by jiagnoh

Will Packaging Cease To Exist?

by Sarah Cameron

Global warming, being green and carbon footprints have been a hot topic since the turn of the century, and the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra of environmental waste awareness has been firmly engrained into our consumer lives.

Design student Aaron Mickelson examined whether it was possible to eliminate packaging waste entirely, instead of merely reducing it. Thinking outside the box, his project, ‘The Disappearing Package’, investigates how to create packaging that becomes the product itself. Amongst Mickelson’s collection is a soap packet that dissolves upon first use, creating no need for unwrapping or disposal (an innovative use of soap soluble ink, and water soluble paper). The student’s solution for Britain’s favourite beverage is similarly resourceful: an elegant concertina of tea bags that are torn off one by one.

Mickelson is adamant that a disappearing package doesn’t need to mean a sacrifice for the brand. He says, “Disappeared packages retain all identity and marketing opportunities of traditional packaging solutions.”

Some might argue that the internet is the answer to the future’s sustainable packaging, with virtual shopping meaning that the consumer buys the product based on a photo of it, as opposed to the tactile draw of traditional packaging. However, if Mickelson’s designs are a glimpse of the future of packaging, consumers (and the environment) have something to look forward to.

5 Beautiful Things. Summer Edition

by beautiful
With the summer season now in full swing (and even the weather to match!)  our latest 5 Beautiful Things has been themed around the delights of summer.  With exhibitions, architecture, wonderful summertime occurrences, and some  inspiring pieces of design included, there is something for everyone.


1.      As if a trip to Fiji wasn’t tempting enough?
Inline image 1

Fiji Airways got our attention when they released previews of their redesign earlier this year. We have now been able to see their full rebrand, complete with aircrafts proudly embossed with Teteva Masi symbols, and cushions to match. We love how the theme doesn’t vary from its origins, with direct symbol translations communicating Fiji’s welcoming nature. The design is simple, distinctive, and sophisticated; perhaps a trip to Fiji is in order?


2. Get in touch with your roots
This beautifully creative new envelope concept by the Swedish postal service is both unique and arresting; this new trend of designer envelopes has swept over Sweden and we hope it comes our way soon! With each of the four envelopes representing each season, we love the transformation of such a banal object into a work of art, to be treasured surely by any recipient.


3. Showcasing the freshest artistic talent

If you are in London this summer, head down to the Royal Academy for this year’s Summer Exhibition. This display is a true celebration of artistic talent, with works from both the well-known, and the unheard-of. What really distinguishes this exhibition is the sheer scale of the event. This has earned its title of the largest open exhibition in the UK, boasting a collection made up of paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, architectural design and models. With a collection uniquely chosen and hung by artists, this is a spectacular must-see.
For tickets:


4. Summer pavilions just got playful…

This striking take on the summer pavilion by Atelier Zundel Cristea, has been installed in the Museum Gardens in Bethnal Green, London. We urge you to dismiss all existing mental imagery of summer pavilions, and take a look at this satisfyingly symmetrical, undulating inflatable structure. Perhaps simply a coincidence, or a factor in its very design, the pavilion has been located next to the Museum of Childhood.


5. Manhattanhenge

Inline images 4
Manhattanhenge is a stunning, half natural, half man-made occurrence in which the setting sun aligns with the East-West streets of the main street grid. This amazing phenomenon happens just 2-3 times per year and as people local to the area flock to the best viewing spots, this attraction has been likened to the crowds that gather to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. So if you happen to be in Manhattan over July 12th, be sure to secure yourself a good vantage point. If you aren’t lucky enough to be there, the Pinterest page is well worth looking at!


Can P&G’s innovation strategy help address our economic woes?

by Alex Benady

It emerged today that Proctor & Gamble is planning to revitalize its stagnant business with a raft of breakthrough innovations that redefine their categories.

According to Marketing Week, Jorge Mesquita, P&G’s group president of new business creation, innovation and pet care, told an annual meeting for analysts that he aims to launch three times as many “change innovations” in the next five years as it has in the previous five years. He defined a “change innovation” as a “breakthrough that resets the competitive bar in the category and leads to significant share increases, category growth and competitive advantage”.

Innovation is a loose word covering anything from a new flavour of mayonnaise to the invention of entirely new technologies. Given that P&G spends or invests $2bn a year on innovation,  I wondered what effect the new strategy might have,  beyond its own share price –in the broader economy? (more…)

Five Beautiful Things – Autumn edition

by Sarah Cameron

The leaves are orange, the fog has come down and we’ve finally had to accept that an Indian Summer is not just around the corner… Don’t worry though; wrap your hands round a steaming cup of tea and check out our latest (and particularly bright!) Five Beautiful Things for inspiration despite the drizzle.


60 Shades of Royalty



Throughout the madness of her Diamond Jubilee, it seemed impossible to escape the Queen’s face, but a piece of colourful genius stood out amongst the generic QEII masks and biscuit tins. Leo Burnett has created a masterpiece ‘Pantone Queen: 60 Years of Matching Colours’.  Each colour of outfit is accompanied by the date it was worn, and the Pantone colour reference. And after all the press the younger royals are getting these days, we suspect Her Majesty will be blushing a rosy Pantone 231.



Jolly Brollies



This playful exhibition of colour and abstract beauty was featured in Agueda Portugal, as part of the Agitagueda Art Festival. The Wonderland-esque display carried a soothing elegance while maintaining a stunning array of colour across the sky. The umbrellas also proved to be somewhat practical by providing a shaded stroll for all those admiring the aerial spectacle; an umbrella function us Brits can only envy.



Inside London



OK, so it’s one of ours, but our drinks team at Coley Porter Bell are rather pleased with their new identity for Beefeater’s limited edition ‘Inside London’ bottle, planned as celebration of 2012 – a truly momentous year for London.
Our idea for the bottle stems from the British outwardly conservative appearance and ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude, contrasting with our ‘inner eccentricity’ seen in London’s diverse range of people, culture and activities.



Nice And Toastie



If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the… bus stop? Caribou Coffee, along with the trusty sous chefs at Colle + McVoy, launch their ‘Hot ‘n Wholesome’ breakfast sandwiches by converting bus shelters in Minneapolis into oversized ovens. Not to miss a trick, these public appliances have been fitted with digital clocks and fully functional heaters.



Living With Patterns



Eley Kishimoto, a husband and wife duo, opened their ‘Living With Patterns’ exhibition at The Aram Gallery, London in September, coinciding with both London Fashion Week and The London Design Festival. The exhibition showcases their collection of women’s wear, named ‘In Shape’, and is on show until 27th October. If you like these retro inspired prints, Clarks will be launching a range of shoes inspired by this work in March next year in the UK.


Beefeater Inside London – Best of British

by Alex Ririe


We’ve just won another award for our Beefeater Inside London Limited Edition design!  This time for the Packaging Innovations London 2012 Best of British design.

Against stiff competition including Marmite’s ‘Ma’amite’ design and Tate & Lyle’s syrup ‘Happy & Glorious’ limited edition we won a silver.

Congratulations to all involved!

Explaining to the French why we tampered with a French icon. In English.

by Ridhi Sain


Ricard is much more than an alcoholic drink in France. It’s an institution, a cornerstone of French life and its design and advertising occupy a truly iconic position in French culture.

So it was with equal feelings of honour, pride and gut-wrenching anxiety that I stood up to speak last week at the opening of an exhibition of Ricard’s journey through the years in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.


What brands can learn from fishnet stockings

by adamsweeney

I hate to ruin my reputation as a wild twentysomething – hypnotised by X Factor, tweeting by reflex and primed to riot at the drop of a Nike – but last week, I tuned in to Radio 4 to listen to Start the Week.

Having slogged my way through 40 minutes of enriching (obtuse) chatter, with neither a live text vote nor a dancing Dermot O’Leary to keep my spirits up, these closing words from sculptor Peter Randall-Page grabbed my attention.

“We spend our lives making decisions about what’s inside a thing from what’s on the outside.”


Pearlfisher creates ‘you count…’ brand for Waitrose

by Igor Astrologo

Pearlfisher has designed the brand identity and packaging for the ‘you count…’ range for Waitrose, part of the supermarket’s LOVE life offer.

Product shots on a white background, navigational cues and calorie content set in bold, bright, colourful type… but I can’t help feel the range looks a little too clinical and unappetising for my tastebuds.

waitrose you count... packaging by Pearlfisher

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