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Packaging with zero waste is in sight.

by Alex Benady

It’s a difficult truth for a company like ours, but no one really wants packaging. Retailers need a way of distinguishing and managing products. Manufacturers need a way of transporting their products and making them stand out. Consumers just want the products inside. For all of them, packaging is a means to other ends. It is a distress purchase.

That explains why so much of it is thrown away. According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, we generated around 10.8 millions tonnes of packaging in the UK in 2009. Although an impressive two thirds was recycled, 3.5 millions tonnes weren’t – wasting resources, clogging up landfill, polluting water courses and turning the oceans into a rubbish dump.

In the US the problem is worse. The country generated 250 million tons of waste in 2010 according to the Environmental Protection Agency, and nearly a third of that, about 76 million tons, comes from packaging.

So the prospect of packaging that simply disappears leaving little or no environmental impact is as alluring as it sounds unlikely. But designer Aaron Mickelson, of the Pratt Institute New York, may just have cracked it. (more…)

by Tim Smith

British Heart Foundation “Hijacks” Cigarette Packs For No Smoking Day

by jennieplant


Kicking off on No Smoking Day and running throughout March the British Heart Foundation (BHF) have been utilising augmented reality app Blippar to “hijack” cigarette packs in a bid to encourage smokers to quit.

Information in the ‘Smoking Kills’ graphics on pack is recognised by the app when a smart phone is held up to it, turning it in to a cloud of digital smoke. It reveals what smokers could be spending their money on instead of cigarettes, including holidays and entertainment systems.

According to the BHF someone who smokes 20 cigarettes a day could save £7 a day, £49 per week, £210 per month and £2,555 a year if they were to quit. A survey conducted for the foundation found that 11% of smokers are desperate to give up. Once the app displays the content they are directed to which contains further content assisting them to kick the habit.

This is the first time a charity has used the technology in this way and it creates an interesting new dimension to discouraging smoking – without the use of gruesome images.

It’s definitely a distinct contrast against the packaging work coming out of Australia at the moment, that seeks to homogenise the designs of cigarette packs whilst generating graphics as unappealing as possible. There is a whole wealth of guidelines telling you how best to use the dank green, warning signs and horrific pictures of mouth and throat cancer.

Betty McBride, director of policy and communications at BHF says: “The tobacco giants are notoriously protective about their slick cigarette packaging – here’s a bit of slick that does some good for once.” She goes on to explain how there is a constant battle to find new ways to reach people so it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to find a charity embracing technology and using it in such a compelling way.

22.03.13 is World Water Day

by Sarah Cameron

This Friday (tomorrow), we ask you to flex your creative muscle for good. 

Friday, March 22nd is World Water Day: a day to be thankful that our children are not among the 3,000 that will die today from water-borne disease.

Unilever launched Waterworks in June 2012 to change this bleak scenario. Through Waterworks they bring life-saving water purifiers to those who need them most. Waterworks now enables anyone on Facebook to make a real difference to four lives for 10 cents a day. They’ve reached 75,000+ poor, vulnerable community members in Bhopal, India with Pureit purifiers since the launch of their first pilot.

This project was launched in the creative community at Cannes and with your help, this community can help further progress.

So, tomorrow when you wake up on #WorldWaterDay,  change a life

Thank you for taking this time to make water work.

by Tim Smith

by Tim Smith

CPB staffer wins APG planning prize

by Alex Benady

Coley Porter Bell staffer Will Moore has won the training prize from the Account Planning Group with a strategy he helped devise for Eurostar.

Will was a member of one of eight teams briefed by the APG to provide strategic recommendations for how Eurostar should respond to a new German competitor, Deutsche Bahn, entering the cross channel rail market.

Rejecting the obvious pitfall of focussing on market share, Will’s group instead devised a two step plan to grow the cross channel rail market.

The plan identified two opportunities for passenger growth. The first was from inbound non EU tourists who tend to stay longer and spend more than local tourists. Strategic alliances were proposed with airlines, so tourists could say arrive in London but leave Europe from Paris or Brussels. International hotel chains could also be partners –creating integrated offers for stays in different capitals.

In the past decade cultural and heritage tourism has increased by 15% a year. This provided the second targeted strategic opportunity focused on ‘Europeans with curious minds’.

These two strands would allow Eurostar to talk of itself as ‘champions of connecting culture’, giving it a higher social purpose,” says Will.

Will and his team win a prize of £260 to spend on a wild night out. With that budget, it is unlikely to be in Paris or Brussels.



Coley Porter Bell creates two new Azera flavours

by Alex Benady

The Grocer has reported the launch of two extensions to Nestle’s ‘barista-style’ instant coffee brand Azera, with packaging created by Coley Porter Bell. CPB also created a key visual used in a three million pound advertising push to support the launch.

The new latte and cappuccino flavours are part of Nestle’s efforts to “up” its presence in the £25m a year barista style coffee category, the magazine says.

The report goes onto say that Azera was launched last year and is targeted at young professionals.

Azera is the first micro ground with ‘crema’, the velvety cream layer that accumulates on the surface of the coffee that gives espresso machine coffee its distinctive appearance.


by Tim Smith

by Tim Smith

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