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Chivas Regal supplies live brief for Shine competition

by Alex Benady

Coley Porter Bell has teamed up with Chivas Regal to run a competition that gives would-be graphic designers the chance to convince the senior team at the multinational drinks brand to run their work.

It is the first time in its 10 year history that Coley Porter Bell’s Shine competition has featured a ‘live brief’. The task is to design a gift pack for Chivas 18. In addition to a three month work placement at CPB’s central London studios and a cash prize of £3000, the winner will present their work to the Chivas Regal board for an opportunity to have their work realised and launched

The competition is open only to second year graphics students at the UK’s top design universities. Initially they will be asked to send in an example of their work, in any medium. The best 10 will be given the brief for Chivas 18’s gift pack and the winner selected from their efforts. Entries will be judged on the strength of the concept rather than the quality of the execution. The competition closes on 8 October.

“Shine is an important weapon in our war for talent,” said Richard Clayton, creative director at Coley Porter Bell. “Many of the past winners have ended up with full time jobs here and have gone on to become top talents. The chance to give them a live brief ads a definite frisson to the competition and turns it from an interesting academic exercise into a seriously testing piece of work.”


Victoria’s new identity reflects an area with no identity

by Alex Benady

Everyone knows of  Victoria. It’s the area of central London bounded by Victoria station, Westminster Square and the backside of Buckingham palace. The station is used by 115 million people a year. And many millions more visit Westminster and Buck house.

Yet despite that, few people really know Victoria. Is it a commuter portal, an international departure point (trains to Gatwick), a civil service hub, a commercial zone, an undervalued residential area, a shopping destination, a world beating tourist destination or location for cheap tourist hotels?

With no overwhelming single purpose or role, it is great that Victoria finally has an identity. Last week Land Securities the company which is almost single handedly hauling Victoria into the 21st century, unveiled an identity for Victoria, based on its strongest visual property, the V. (more…)

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