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Coley Porter Bell creates Azera launch poster

by Alex Benady

Coley Porter Bell has created the launch visual identity for Azera, NESCAFE’s candidate in the new microground coffee sector.

The brand design and visual identity system that CPB created was then extended to other formats including 48 sheets, 6 sheets as well as sampling activity and in store displays. Announcing that Azera is part of a new generation of instant coffees that contain roast microground coffee beans, making them taste more like coffee shop coffee. (more…)

100 Days To Go

by Clare Taylor


The motto for the London Olympics has been revealed as “Inspire a generation”.


They’re inspired…


So are these guys …



Handle the Union Jack with respect

by Alex Benady


Respect for the flag?

The Easter weekend witnessed the launch of the most important six months for brand GB in a generation. As the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Olympics approach, patriotism is the order of the day.  The Union Jack and other symbols of Britishness are everywhere,  on ads, promotions and packaging for everything from vacuum cleaners  to trainers, bread to chocolate.

The British are proud of their country and their flag. But according to our recent research into how brands are using patriotic imagery, the majority of people (56.5%) think that it is only acceptable for brands to highlight their Britishness –if they do it subtly. (more…)

Explaining to the French why we tampered with a French icon. In English.

by Ridhi Sain


Ricard is much more than an alcoholic drink in France. It’s an institution, a cornerstone of French life and its design and advertising occupy a truly iconic position in French culture.

So it was with equal feelings of honour, pride and gut-wrenching anxiety that I stood up to speak last week at the opening of an exhibition of Ricard’s journey through the years in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.


Government draws up contingency plans for redesign of the Union Jack

by Alex Benady

The government is drawing up contingency plans for a redesign of the Union Jack in the case of a ‘Yes’ vote in the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014.

The Central Office of Information, the government’s communications body, has asked design companies to develop a version of the Union Jack that doesn’t include the blue of the Scottish Saltire. Options under consideration include a ‘Euro Jack’ based on a combination of the Union Jack and the EC flag, a ‘Multi Jack’ using a rainbow background and a ‘Cheap’ or ‘Broke Jack’ using just one colour. (more…)

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