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Coley Porter Bell adds value and personality to Morrisons’ entry range

by Alex Benady

5.1.2012 Brand design agency Coley Porter Bell has rebranded Morrisons’ entry level ‘value’ range as part of the retailer’s strategic overhaul of its own-brand offering.

The rebrand is part of the biggest design brief in the UK this year. The aim is to strengthen the Morrisons brand and increase the share of its own products bought by customers by transforming Morrisons’ own label into a coherent own-brand. The redesign will roll out over the next 18 months.

The ‘Morrisons Value’ line has been renamed ‘M Savers’ to reflect its consumer benefit. The new designs confidently express the Morrisons brand with an iconic charcoal grey roundel bearing the letter M in white. (more…)

Does the new DC logo signal the end of the American era?

by Alex Benady



DC comics which publishes Superman, Batman and MAD amongst many others, unveiled a new logo last week. It’s handsome, dynamic versatile and clever.  A top layer D peels  off to reveal a C beneath, in a device that seems to allude to both the turning of the page and the way that superheroes reveal their identity by peeling of their clothes in phone boxes and the like.

Now I may be over interpreting and I know that it’s only a commercial device, but I couldn’t help feeling that it seems to carry the burden of two historical trends.

Firstly it looks like a confession that the era of the comic is over. The new logo looks strangely lifeless on the cover of a magazine. While alluding to heritage, there is no nostalgia here. That’s because it is a logo with its eyes set firmly, perhaps too firmly on the future rather than the past. (more…)

Brand Imperialism is over in the Year Of The Dragon.

by Alex Benady

Coke gets it

23 Jan. It’s New Year’s day today in China where presumably, they are partying like it’s 4,709. And why not? Include émigré Chinese and other countries influenced by Han culture –(Korea, Japan and Vietnam )and the 15 day festival of Chinese New Year becomes one of the biggest opportunities in the global commercial calendar.

That explains why brands, and luxury brands in particular, are so keen to secure invites to the party.

Until very recently the assumption was that Chinese consumers were so unsophisticated that they would be happy to simply ape rich Westerners. They got what we got -the bigger and more bling the brand, the better! That was the end of it. But there is mounting evidence that the days of that kind of brand imperialism are well and truly numbered.  (more…)

Cold Madonna has lesson for disliked brands

by Alex Benady

Were you one of the four million people who watched Madonna’s car crash of an interview with Graham Norton In mid January? If you weren’t, it was a typically controlled piece of Madonna publicity for her new film WE. Cameras angles were agreed in advance and although she looked pretty good for her age, there were strictly no-close ups. Well, who can blame her, she’s got a brand to manage hasn’t she?

What she couldn’t control however was her inner pathology.  The interview started off jauntily enough with Madonna and Norton joking and laughing. Even then she was stiff and uneasy -as if someone had briefed her on how to appear normal. But as the interview proceeded, the effort evidently became too much for her and the real Madge started leaking through the fag-paper-thin veneer.  She became in turn, cold, brittle, imperious, humorless, controlling, disinterested, dismissive and rude. (more…)

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