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Is Marketing the cure for the crisis of capitalism?

by Vicky Bullen

Dean Roger Martin

Dean Roger Martin

Could marketing really be the cure for the current economic crisis? You know, the intractable crisis of capitalism we’ve been living through for nearly three years now.

At first glance it seems unlikely -marketing is still seen as a soft business discipline. It may, with a following wind, help companies grow their top-line. It is after all a sub-set of sales.

But most people still think it’s not even essential for the success of a single enterprise. So it’s hardly going to offer much in the way of help to the global economy. Is it? (more…)

CPB rebrands Stepstone Solutions as Lumesse

by Alex Benady

Coley Porter Bell has rebranded talent management software company StepStone Solutions as Lumesse following last year’s management buy-out from parent company StepStone ASA.

As well as the new name, Coley Porter Bell has fashioned Lumesse a distinctive new positioning, new logo, tag line, website look-and-feel ( colour palette and tone of voice in addition to expansive brand identity equities for use across different media. More significantly, CPB has helped the company implement radical  changes in its ,  transforming it from a technical to a brand-led operation.

The rebranding was needed firstly because Lumesse felt that ‘StepStone Solutions’ was not a brand for long term investment, but also to create a distinctive position in an undifferentiated talent management software market.


‘Brand Britain’

by Tom Hearn

Like everyone else I was excited about an extra bank holiday last week. But unlike others I wasn’t too fussed about watching the Royal Wedding.

Then come Friday morning, I got swept up in all the excitement and ended up watching 3 hours of build-up, the ceremony, the post ceremony analysis and not just one but two kisses. Maybe I was captivated because for a change I was watching something which was full of happiness. Or maybe it was because, by watching it, I felt part of something, knowing that millions of other people – in fact probably billions – were watching it just like me.


Beauty Spot – Stickers on the Central Line

by Andy Hellmuth

I stumbled across this site on the interweb.

Keep your eyes peeled for these pieces of mini art/vandalism….. depending on whether you’re a cup half full/empty kind of person.

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