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Coley Porter Bell’s secret art sale for Uganda

by Alex Benady

Two Coley Porter Bell staffers have set up a secret art sale to raise funds for a Ugandan charity

Business director Alex Ririe and  designer Leia Baker, persuaded 100 designers, artists, fashion photographers, film makers and illustrators to donate postcard sized original artworks to their  ‘Mini Secret Art Sale’ being held on April 6th at the Paddington offices of Coley Porter Bell.

The sale will include works by illustrators Si Scott and Chris Mitchell, Michele Turriani and photographer David Loftus as well as paintings, drawings and designs donated by staff of Nude, Bloom and Ziggurat.

Each artwork will cost £20 and will be initially available at the private view. Any work not sold then will be sold on line.  All the art will be free to view at

The funds raised will be given to Many Ogilvy Hands, a charity run by CPB’s parent company Ogilvy which is supporting the construction of a school for 450 Ugandan teenagers at Buikwe, Southern Uganda.

The sale was devised by Alex and Leia following a recent visit to Uganda where they both contributed their time and physical labour to help build the school.

“I’ve been amazed at how generous people have been with their time and their creativity.  We have all benefitted from the opportunities provided by a good education. It seems fitting to offer some of those same opportunities to people who otherwise wont have them,” said Alex Ririe.

For more information please contact

Alex Ririe

Account Director

Coley Porter Bell

0207 5595726

Beauty Spot

by Igor Astrologo

Yet more displays of genius and graphic wit by the Israeli illustrator and graphic designer Noma Bar, this time on a series of Don Delillo covers for Picador.

Particularly brilliant, in my mind, are those for Falling Man and Running Dog (first two covers from top left above).

The latter apparently centres “around a rumored pornographic film of Adolf Hitler, purportedly filmed in his bunker in the climactic days of Berlin’s fall”. Never have three triangles, a rectangle and two colours communicated so much.

Simple yet essential… Don’t you just hate the guy?!

Hats off to Picador too for choosing such a graphic route, if only more publishers had such courage…

Beauty Spot Brandkok

by Ridhi Sain

While on holiday in Bangkok a few days ago, I was amazed at the overwhelming presence of brands in the city. They were everywhere – creeping into car seats, hanging off ceilings, even growing on trees!! Loved our Pink Burberry taxi ride in particular…

Beauty Spot

by Clare Taylor

I recently attended the very bizarre and wonderful private view of Dan Hillier‘s latest work. The illustrator chose Wilton’s Music Hall, the oldest music hall in the world, as the venue to showcase his twelve new prints. This beautiful building was then filled with (free) gin cocktails, live bands and guests all dressed in their finest Victorian inspired outfits.

More photos of the ‘Feather and Claw’ evening went onto the Hendrick’s blog last week.

I’d recommend a visit to the music hall if you’re looking for something special and a little different.

Coley Porter Bell staffs up corporate offer

by Alex Benady
Hello Helen

Hello Helen

Coley Porter Bell has beefed up its corporate design offer with two heavyweight signings.

The agency has recruited Helen Westropp, nee Elliott-Cooper, one of the stars of the 90’s corporate design sector, as a Business Director.  It has also hired seasoned corporate planner Natalie Coombes, from Futurebrand.

Westropp was a well known strategist in the corporate field, working as European Marketing and Consulting Director for Landor before setting up her own consultancy Delphi Marques in the late 90’s. She is also on the Advisory Council of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

Coombes meanwhile has considerable experience of planning corporate design projects for such brands as solicitors Linklater’s, Norwegian oil company Statoil and US telecoms firm Verizon.

The two hirings put in the place the final members of CPB’s corporate team. Late last year it signed up experienced corporate designers Richard Clayton and Igor Astrologo.

Coley Porter Bell ceo Vicky Bullen said that the company was now ready to compete at the highest levels for corporate design work. We have deliberately taken time to get the best and most experienced people to work on our corporate offer. Helen is one of the most accomplished people in this field in London.  With the backup of insight from Natalie and creative work from Igor and Richard, our corporate design offer stands alongside the very best.

Westropp said she was persuaded to move back into the corporate world because Coley Porter Bell has a unique competitive edge. I wanted to get back to working on big brands where I can bring breadth and depth of experience. Coley Porter Bell has the ideal collaborative but creative culture that will allow me to do that.

Birthday Treats in Beautiful Packaging

by Leia Baker

Beauty Spot Fleeting Blossoms in Bloom

by Charlotte Newbold

Happy first day of Spring!

The ephemeral beauty of Spring is captured perhaps at its most poetic, in the delicate blooms of blossom trees. Gracing our parks and gardens for such a short sweet time, their blossomy branches deserve at least few moments gaze.

This Spring, The Conran Shop welcomes in the new season with cherry blossom trees in their windows, standing above a blanket of more than 2 million fabric petals.

Each day from the end of February, staff are adding more than 50 buds to each tree until they are heavy with blossom. Once in full bloom on the 3rd April, the windows will be changed, ready for Summer. So, catch these fleeting beauties while you can, inside or out… here for so short a time, but ever so sweet to notice.

Cherry Blossom Window Candy

Cherry Blossom at The Conran Shop

The Most Incredible Thing

by Simon Adamson

Went to see the opening night of this last night. A ballet to electronic music. It is only on until the end of the month, but I would recommend it.

Olympic Fatigue (and I’m not even competing)

by Ed Silk

500 more days. And that is just until it starts. Is anyone else feeling like they are suffering from Olympic fatigue? Now, I am incredibly proud that London is hosting the 2012 games and will certainly be joining in as many spectator events and parties as possible during the two-week period next July. However, until then I am concerned that with the relentless media cover and senseless events celebrating little more than the completion of yet another building – it feels like it is one everyday at the moment – I will begin to get a little brand weary even before the first start pistol has been fired.

It is a little like the over-commercialisation of Christmas and Easter. Again, I love these annual festivals, but do I really need to see Easter eggs in the shops at the beginning of January, so when the end of Lent arrives I have already had my fill of Easter related treats? Clearly The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (or LOCOG if you find that a bit of a mouthful) is responsible for preparing and staging the 2012 Games and has scheduled a programme of events to maintain awareness and interest in the Games. But this over-exposed Londoner is now looking forward more to when it is all over, than when it starts.

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