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Beautifully conceived ideas brilliantly crafted.

by Craig Barnes

Brilliant design isn’t just about fantastic ideas, it is about honing and refining them and then realising them as deftly as possible. In other words design is a craft as well as an art and even the most inspired creative talents can take years to master their craft.

That’s why I was so impressed when a friend recently Twittered me the link to these beautiful graphic posters for the London Olympics by Falmouth student Alan Clarke.

With the possible exception of some of the stadia, the London Olympics has not exactly triggered an outpouring of creativity. These exceptional posters which pay homage to the golden age of London Transport posters go some way to remedy that. The fact that they were done by a student makes them all the more remarkable.

I love them for their slick simplicity and their graphic strength. Even though most of the series uses hard angular shapes, Alan Clarke manages to inject real movement and excitement into them. They remind me of the old Penguin book covers: classic and timeless.

Just one glance and you can detect a sureness of touch, a consistency of approach and attention to detail that is rare among professionals, let alone students. Using just a few lines and a couple of colours, they brilliantly manage to capture the spirit or feel of different sports rather than merely reporting the mechanics.

Ok they aren’t perfect. I could criticise the lack of consistency in the colour palette, -tennis and sailing use two colours, the others use one. Graphically ‘fencing’, ‘diving’ and ‘tennis’ show the effect while sailing and cycling show the machines themselves.

But that’s just picking nits. These simple posters are beautifully conceived and beautifully crafted. They are simply brilliant

See the ten Shine posters here.

by Alex Benady

Every year Coley Porter Bell runs the Shine Award for second year graphics students. The prize is £3,000 and a 3 month work placement.

It’s a three round competition. In round one we ask you to send in your best idea. In round two we ask the ten best entrants to show us their portfolios. And in round three we ask the same ten to design a poster for next year’s competition.

Well here they are. All ten posters from Shine 2010. All very good. All very different. All very interesting. Take a look above and tell us what you think.

For more information see here

Wild in Africa and a very English tea party

by cpbadmin01

Thursday was the last day of the annual Coley Porter Bell ‘Life Swap’ program where a member of staff from the London office swaps lives with a member of staff from the South Africa office in Cape Town. Liezel Liebenberg is now heading back to Cape Town and James Mcdermid on his way back to London so we thought each office should send them off with a traditional Coleys fancy dress day, Cape Town dressing the part for English tea and the London office going wild in Africa.

A bizarre and colourful day for both offices as zebra’s and Zulu warriors strutted their stuff around the London office and lady’s and gentlemen settled down for  a very English tea party in Cape Town.

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