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Easter recycled

by Emma Brock

Easter means Easter eggs. But increasingly Easter eggs mean Easter trauma in our household.

First they plug straight into the tragedy of global warming. These days even the smallest egg consumes enough resources to melt a polar ice cap with their wanton use of packaging materials. You know the drill: encase egg in foil; insert wrapped egg into suit of protective plastic armour; protect protective armour with cardboard cage.

And then there are the even greater surgical tragedies that ensue when you try to open the bloody thing. Try to claw it open it with your hands and all you get is broken nails and lacerated finger tips. So move onto heavier ordnance. A screwdriver perhaps?. No it’s too thick to get into the gaps. Time for the ever faithful Stanley knife.

So you end up slashing wildly at the egg, probably wounding yourself and several small children in the process.

And what do you get? Chocolate smithereens. Which is what all that packaging was supposed to protect against in the first place.

So it is on behalf of the planet, small children and A&E departments everywhere, that I say thank you to Nestle which this year has replaced the plastic armour on its eggs with a nice, simple, biodegradeable cardboard basket.

They’ve had to get rid of the flimsy flirty peep-hole packaging that allowed the eggs to stand out on shelf .  In its place they’ve introduced a protective veener they call a ‘cardboard box’ in the packaging industry.

Inside that sits the cardboard basket with wicker design.

So now all you do when you want an egg is open it, revealing two intact and enticing chocolate halves, eat it, then recycle the aluminium foil wrapping and carboard box. You wont have so much as a scar to show for it.

It’s a small but perfectly formed model of how corporations can act responsibly while increasing consumer satisfaction and making themselves look good in the process. 



A Beautiful Move

by Stephen Bell

Coley Porter Bell have moved offices! Now, while the prospect of moving a business can be quite daunting, it is also a chance to refresh, renew and as we are a brand design agency, a great creative opportunity where we can think about bringing our brand to life through our working environment… 3D.  We wanted our new space to be a reflection of who we are and what we do. 

We came up with a list of words that would form an essential part of the brief for both ourselves and our chosen architects. These were human touch, crafted and clever detail, colourful surprises, depth and realness – a place that works, and my favourite….a bit of glamour. We wanted a space that would encourage creativity both for our clients and for ourselves.

Well, to cut a long story short, we have worked very hard over the last few weeks in collaboration with ORMS (our chosen architects) to really bring our brand to life and create an environment that is absolutely Coley Porter Bell…..and somewhere that we love working in and are proud of. It has been an exciting and sometimes nail biting ride but we are in and I am still stroking our fuschia walls with glee.

Now we are looking forward to welcoming our clients and friends here and to having many creative and productive times ahead of us. 

Our new address is Coley Porter Bell, 121-141 Westbourne Terrace, London W2 6JR

Telephone 020 7559 5700


A Bootiful Collaboration?

by Alex Ririe

I read today that Marco Pierre White is now brand ambassador for Bernard Matthews to help promote the health benefits of turkey.

I couldn’t help but think what a sell-out MPW has become. Of course, he’s achieved pretty much everything there is to achieve in terms of culinary accolades so why not cash in? But surely, he still has restaurants and this kind of endorsement can’t be good for brand Marco.


A week of laughter in Buikwe

by Amanda Cragg

Me and Patricia

Me and Patricia

Is it possible that affluence makes you humourless? My back is aching, my hands are sore and I’m sunburnt. But my sides hurt. I’ve just come back from a week at the village of Buikwe in North east Uganda where we are sponsoring and helping to build a secondary school. And despite the astonishing poverty, I can honestly say I heard more laughter in a week than I have heard in a year here in London.

The people in Buikwe live on an average of just 40p a day yet they seem so positive and happy.  On the sixth day I witnessed a five year old boy carrying his two year old brother on his back. It wasn’t a chore or a difficulty – the older boy happily carried the younger child. In return the younger child didn’t kick and scream, he helped his brother in his duty by constantly adjusting his position.  Can you imagine two infants in the UK cooperating like that?

The whole experience felt more like a crash course in basic moral values than the crash course in basic building techniques that I was expecting. But in theory at least, we were there, a party of ten of us from different Ogilvy companies, to help build the second phase of a secondary school.  (more…)

Shine Is Coming…

by Tom Probert

The CPB Shine Award is a competition we hold every year to uncover the finest new graphic design talent. It’s open to all 2nd year graphic design students and the winning entry becomes the following year’s poster.

Today I went to the printers to see this year’s Shine Award poster coming to life. Jia Ying Gnoh’s beautiful creation will soon be winging its way to a design course near you, after a few secret finishing touches!


by Tom Probert

Chiquita bananas have launched a campaign based on their iconic blue stickers. DJ Neff has designed a huge range of fun characters, using the iconic colours and shape of the little blue sticker. They’re still instantly recognisable as Chiquita even when on their own – a brilliant example of brand equity. But what makes this a truly ’2010′ project is that they’ve pushed the creative idea even further, linking it into interactive games on the brand’s website. Check out an interview with DJ Neff here.

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