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Monsters Inc.

by Tom Probert

Has anyone else noticed a minor invasion of furry creatures recently? The fuzzy little critters are cropping up everywhere from Spanish car adverts to dutch mobile phone ads, even coca cola have crawled onto the bushy bandwagon. Is there a recession-based psychological reason behind this phenomenon, or is it just a cool trend that people are copying? Have they always been here and I just haven’t noticed? I’m sure there are more examples so let me know if you have any more sightings!

Job Opportunities at Coley Porter Bell

by Stephen Bell

We are currently looking for brand/packaging designers with three to six years experience.

Highly creative, hard working, ambitious and looking to grow their careers. Must have experience of FMCG brands/packaging and experience in the ‘drinks’ category is a plus. Must have big ideas, the abilty to realise and craft them and the imagination to take brands beyond the pack. An interest or experience in digital media would also be an advantage.

If you are interested please send your C.V. together with examples of your work to

We are also looking for an Account Manager with 3 years experience. Must be passionate about brands, design and the digital environment.

If you are interested please send you C.V. to

Where recycling comes naturally

by Stephen Bell
The multi-purpose yellow carrier

The multi-purpose yellow carrier

I have recently returned from Uganda where Coley Porter Bell are helping to build a school in a rural village called Buikwe (see earlier blogs). The experience was amazing in so many ways, from observing the wonderful spirit and optimism of the community we met there to learning new skills like brick laying and African drumming….I need far more practice in both. There were also many other learns and observations in my time there and one thing that really struck me was the imaginative re-use of practically everything.

While we in the west are finally getting to grips with reducing, reusing and recycling as a way of life – and  the design industry has had to seriously think about the part it plays in this – the people in countries like Uganda  have been doing it for years, albeit through necessity and their resourcefulness and inventiveness could teach us alot.  (more…)

Get out of my face

by Christian Barnett

I don’t like it when brand represenatives try to make that extra sale when I don’t want it.


I don’t like it when the server at Starbucks asks me if I want a blueberry muffin with my cappuccino even though I am standing in front of them and quite clearly haven’t asked for one with my order.



by Habib Patel

It’s probably a bit late to post this considering this event is taking place this weekend, but I thought I’d put it up anyway because it’s good reference. Onedotzero is a festival of the latest digital happenings going on at the BFI Southbank. Click on the link below for a closer look.

And look at this video to give yourselves a taster of what’s on.

onedotzero interactive festival identity – preview from onedotzero on Vimeo.

Uganda Bulletin

by Vicky Bullen

As some of you know Coley Porter Bell have been part of founding Many Ogilvy Hands, an initiative set up across the Ogilvy UK group to consolidate all of our CSR efforts, making a real impact on a community in Uganda’s lives by building a school. Stephen Bell, our creative director is currently in Uganda with a team of people from across the group. This is the first team to go out to actually help build the school. This is one of his regular bulletins:

Yesterday was long and tiring but we achieved alot. We finished all the brickwork and iIcan now claim that I can lay bricks, well after a fashion! We also visited the homes of 8 families who have benefited from the school and the livestock scheme. The poverty and conditions they live in are staggering and everything is hard work, from fetching water and cooking to farming the food. Each day is simply taken up with the fundamental stuff that we barely think about. However, the people have a real sense of joy about them and are wonderfully welcoming. The kids are always so happy despite having so little and they make their own entertainment through singing and dancing. They think it is the funniest thing when we join in. They are eternally grateful for all that we are doing. The school is a centre point of hope and progress in the community and believe me, all our fundraising makes and will continue to make a huge difference!

If you would like to make a donation please go to

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