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Vio hits the streets of NYC

by John Kubale

Vio, The worlds new vibrancy drink, with the brand identity and packaging designed by the team here at Coley Porter Bell London, has been launched in New York this summer. It has become a talking point on many blog sites in the US and UK with people exchanging views on the ‘unique flavour’, the fact that it is ‘Fizzy Milk’ and ‘how well the bottle colour fits with my finger nails…’

Keep an eye out for this drink as it may be bringing some vibrancy to a place near you.

The virtual Zippo

by Emma Brock

The Zippo lighter is, in my view, a style icon.  It’s cool.  It’s the bad boy of lighters.  It’s James Dean.  It’s Cool Hand Luke. It opened Apocalypse Now – need I say more.

But with smoking on the defensive.  Disposability increasingly being king. How will its functional durability, its no nonsense ability to light in any conditions, its enduring style, play a part in todays’ world.

Well, it’s adapted, its cool lives on, it’s now the virtual Zippo.  Allowing a whole new generation of users to experience its cool.  It has just exceeded its 5 millionth download to the iPhone and is one of the fastest ever downloads.

You can open it with the flick of your iPhone, light it by turning the flint and if you blow your iPhone or move it back and forth, the windproof flame sways realistically.

Apparently in the States you’re now as likely to see the iPhone Zippo at the end of a concert as the real thing.

In my opinion this is ilustrates the power of a brand with a clear sense of what’s at its heart. They’ve seized an opportunity and made themselves relevant … where next for Zippo?

Coley’s Car Boot Sale

by Amanda Cragg

There is just no end to our fundraising at the moment! Following on from our quiz night last week (discussed in a previous blog; Gaga about Quiz Night) we have raised even more money for ‘Many Ogilvy Hands’. In case you are not already aware, ‘Many Ogilvy Hands’ is a project which we, as part of the Ogilvy UK group, have set up with the aim of building a secondary school in Uganda for 450 children. We’re sending out a team of 10 people to Uganda later this month to start the building so we need to raise as much money as possible!


Vintage Deli – Online shop

by Kylie Mordle

One Sunday, bitterly cold afternoon in late November. My friend Katy Coe came bouncing in with a huge bag of clothes, and one very big idea ” Im going to call my shop ‘Vintage Deli “, she beamed at me with her wide grin and smiling eyes. I was completely taken away with her energy and enthusiasm, so we sat in front of our fire and started sketching ideas, not long after I came up with a mark which did and said exactly what Katy wanted, and designed a homepage to show off Katy’s collection of beautiful clothes. Her website is up and running and well worth a look…

go to

Get creative and win a years supply of Krispy Kremes

by Katie Monk

Ever wanted a years supply of Krispy Kreme donughts?  Well now you have the chance, the much loved brand has launched a global contest to search for their number 1super fan.  All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to tell people  “How has Krispy Kreme made your life special?”.  This is a really fun and engaging way of connecting the brand to consumers, a good exapmle of crowsurfing which we spoke about back in March.  To find out more about the competion check out the Krispy Kreme fan search website

Its time to slow down

by Katie Monk

Need to chill out and de stress after a hard day at work?  Had too much caffine and now you can’t sleep?  How about trying the latest drink from Canadian beverage maker Slow Cow.

Offering “an acupuncture session” in every can, the drink has been produced to ‘calm your nerves and ease jitteriness from energy drink consumption’.  An antidote to drinks like Red Bull and Rockstar, Slow Cow has been developed to help people calm down, de stress and chill out when they need it the most.

It’s a cheaper alternative to going to a health farm!

Via: Springwise

Optimsm in unlikely places

by Katie Monk

Optimsim in design and communication is a trend that we at CPB identified in the latter stages of 2008.  We put together a great Visual Futures semniar, which was presented earlier this year and what is great is that we continue to see forms of optimsim creeping in to every day communication.

Have a look at these great examples from Microsoft which were spotted on the coolhunter website


Gaga about Quiz Night

by Alex Ririe
Vicky introduces the evening

Vicky introduces the evening

As reported in Vicky’s blog, ‘Many Hands make light work’, we are lucky enough to be involved in building a secondary school for 450 children in Uganda. Not only did we name the charity and create the visual identity, but we are also involved in physically building the school. As Vicky said, later this month a team of Ogilvy people, including our very own Creative Director, Stephen Bell and Mark Whiting from the IT department will be heading to Uganda. One of the big events to help them raise money for this trip, was a quiz night which took place on Thursday night at our offices. 


July Five Beautiful things

by Vicky Bullen

Here is our July edition of 5 Beautiful things .

At Coley Porter Bell we believe in making brands beautiful. Beautiful brands stand out from the crowd, they inspire,  leaving a lasting impression. Beautiful brands are desirable, powerful, valuable. But none of this would be achievable if it wasn’t for the everyday beauty that surrounds us and inspires our creativity.

Every month we share ‘5 beautiful things’ which have inspired the team here at Coley Porter Bell, and we hope they will do the same for you.

underwater photography: elena kalis

These beautiful photographs are a sample of some of the inspiring work
by photographer Elena Kalis who specialises in underwater photography.
She uses colour, light and space to create dream-like images which are
not just visually striking, but also emotionally stirring. If you would like to
see more of her work please visit her website;

Work such as this proves how evolutions in technology can have a really
positive impact on creativity… it will be interesting to see what the
future brings!


Many hands make light work

by Vicky Bullen

Did you know that only 4 out of every 10 children in Africa get to go to secondary school?

Imagine yourself as a 12 year old again, but living in a very small rural African village. You want an education…but quite simply there aren’t enough schools.

We believe that education is essential to overcoming poverty. And that’s why we’ve decided that Coley Porter Bell should do something to really help. As part of the Ogilvy Group UK we have developed Many Ogilvy Hands. Our aim is to use the combined power of the many hands across the group to make a life changing difference to a community in Africa, whilst having a life changing experience ourselves in doing it.

What’s our goal?

In the small town of Buikwe, Uganda, Ogilvy Group UK wants to build a secondary school…for 450 children! It’s ambitious, but we believe that many hands make light work and with everyone’s support, in whatever way is personally appropriate, we will do it.

We are sending a workforce of 10 people out to Uganda for a week in August to help start the digging and to build:

- 12 classrooms
- A kitchen
- A dining hall
- A library
- A laboratory
- 8 staff houses and dorms for the boys and girls

And provide the site with electricity, desks, textbooks, laboratory equipment and a very large water tank.

If you would like to help us with our five year plan please make a donation online to our Just Giving site and we’ll post regular updates on what we’re doing here on our blog – tonight we are having a quiz night, so a bit late to join in, but watch this space for more.

Thank you from all of us.

This blog is about all the things that inspire us as we make brands beautiful: insights and ideas, points of view, fabulous work, nascent trends - all the things that excite us and help us to see new possibilities for the brands we work on. So please enjoy, add your comments, forward the link, and come back and see us. We’ll be posting regularly.