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Moving Art

by Alex Ririe

I recently visited Roast restaurant in Borough Market and spotted this beautiful art display in the bar. It consists of illuminated screens with silhouette images. There’s nothing unusual about that perhaps, until you notice that the images in the three larger screens move and change to reflect the different seasons.

My (not so great photo) shows the winter view, with the farmer looking out over a snowy landscape. The bottom right image is a pond which has frozen over, and in the top screen a bird flies past bare branches. When it changes to summer, the farmer sits nonchalantly against the oak tree and you can see Carp swim through the pond.

I love how this is so simple and engaging and actively supports Roast’s philosophy of sourcing well produced, seasonal British produce. What a great way to set the tone for the evening. Top marks to Digit London who designed it.

Ryan unfair?

by Alex Ririe

Ryanair has announced plans to make passengers carry their own luggage on to its planes. This is on top of the move to charge for using onboard toilets and banishing airport check-ins from October 2009.

Surely this is another ridiculous story to get maximum PR coverage? It’s fairly obvious that Michael O’Leary subscribes to the ‘any news is good news’ school of thinking. But what if this is for real? At what point does ‘cheap and cheerful’ become ‘cheap and nasty’?



by Habib Patel

No not the 80′s two-tone band. I happened across the Museum of Art and Design Identity work that Pentagram New York did towards the end of last year. I liked the identity and the flexible nature of the language. But what really impressed me was this fresh way of using interactive displays to solve information design problems (check out the link below and see the case study).

Museums are getting better at drawing the audience in to find out more about there exhibits and this example puts interactive displays in the same space as the Apple i-phone interface.

Inishturkbeg making waves

by John Kubale

Just an update on the latest Inishturkbeg news and developments.

After creating the brand world, logo and identity, (which has won a gold mobius award), we have continued to work on extending and growing the identity.

The Inishturkbeg website is up and running,

Inishturkbeg had a massive article in The Irish Examiner a few weeks ago – half a page in the main news section, and (an unprecedented) 3-page feature in the Property section.

… and our set of island signs which take the boar on an adventure around the highlights of the island, are new in place.

Tickled pink

by Vicky Bullen

We are very proud to announce that Dylon added a new colour to its range last night by winning Gold at the Marketing Society’s 2009 Awards for excellence. This adds to Dylon’s colourful haul of wins – shortlisted for Cannes, winner of a Dba Design Effectiveness award, a Benchmarks award and a Chicago Atheneum Good Design Award. For those of you who know our loo – the wall space is getting tighter. Thank you to the Dylon team at Spotless Punch for giving us the opportunity to work with them to so successfully revitalise the brand, revealing them as true experts in colour.

Marmite is a cricket fan

by Sarah Cameron

Continuing the success of their limited edition collaborations, Marmite has dressed up to support the cricket this year and it’s distinctley beer-flavoured.

The dark red and brown hues on their pack evoke a sense of the rich flavours.

I can’t wait to try this. I’m off to buy some toast!

Quorn™ given a bright new brand identity

by Sarah Ridley


2 June 2009

Quorn™ given a bright new brand identity by Coley Porter Bell

Coley Porter Bell has given QuornTM a bright new brand identity, as part of a major re-brand, which is being rolled out across all packaging and point of sale in major supermarkets throughout summer 2009.


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