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Finding Beauty in the Mundane

by Kylie Mordle

Last night Charlotte and I were on our way to a music concert, changing at Kings Cross st Pancras. Amongst the hustle and bustle of rush hour we were both stopped in our tracks, beneath the dirt and grime of the underground we discovered what beauty was left behind from advertisements and posters stuck up on each wall, the more we looked the more we found – Torn posters revealing eyes and hands in beautiful accidental compositions. They reminded me of  Jasper Johns and Robert Rasenburg paintings and montages.

Next time you miss the tube take a moment to look at your surroundings you may be surprised in what you find.

Land of the Giants

by Mark Laws

Here are some beautiful shots I stumbled across from a Photographer called Vincent Bousserez very creative! it’s like being a kid again playing with scale and your imagination…


Crowd Surfing

by Christian Barnett

Martin Thomas, author of the book “Crowd Surfing”, paid us a vist last week and spoke about how brands are dealing with the age of consumer empowerment.

His thesis is that, though it has become something of a marketing cliche that consumers own brands whilst brand owners merely control trademarks, in reality the way that companies and agencies talk about brand development and management is largely predicated on the notion of absolute control, a notion that runs counter to what is really happening in a consumer empowered and expressive world. 

If you want proof, says Martin, try an Google image search for ‘MasterCard priceless’  or ‘McDonald’s.’


Yes, please!

by Simon Adamson

Luxurious Ltd Edition Pet Shop Boys album packaging. A bargain at £300!!

• Hand crafted smoked transparent Perspex box with gold plated metal tick mounted on outer front.
• 11 super heavyweight 200-gram vinyl records pressed on the classic EMI 1400, each featuring ‘Yes’ album track plus exclusive b-side instrumental version. With labels printed one special Pantone colour per record.
• 11 inner sleeves featuring exclusive PSB artwork on the front. With track title and lyrics on the back.
• 11 outer sleeves printed with one special Pantone colour per sleeve, inside and out.
• Additional 12th sleeve contains Giclee art print, hand signed and numbered by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. Plus a heavyweight information card containing a full track list, credits and colour key.
• When correctly arranged the eleven album sleeves will allow you to make up your own tick, measuring some eight feet in length.
• This highly collectible music and art edition is limited to only 300 copies worldwide.

More images after the jump.


A glimpse into the future

by Mark Laws

I’m still waiting for my hover board… But this is going to change everything!

Produced by the studio “Oh, Hello”, based in Seattle, in collaboration with Microsoft and the director Mason Nicoll, the film “Microsoft Sustainability, a glimpse into the future of computing” is the vision of the future Microsoft technology to horizon 2019, combining technologies son, tactile surfaces and electronic paper.

Myself and James have just been blown away- take a look.

If you want to go further in your analysis after viewing the video, please visit the Key Note Stephen Elope (in. Ppt), President of Microsoft Business Division, which describes the major trends identified by Microsoft as principle of the concepts presented in the video. Enjoy!

Bright Bike Trails

by John Kubale

Contrail is a fanastic device that is attached above the back wheel of the bike covering it with a layer of chalk, turning your bike into a giant crayon on wheels. Visually the city streets will come to life with colourful lines by uniting commuters mapping out their daily path.

Designed by Pepin Galardi of Studio Gelardi ‘the idea of safety in numbers’

By using this device, bicyclists will have a clearer path on which to ride safely and out of the way of vehicular traffic. At the same time, as more bicyclists using the Contrail go over a line created by a cyclist before them, the line gets brighter allowing drivers to clearly see a marked bike path where there might be none. It’s sort of similar to what happens when a dirt path appears in a grassy field after lots of people have taken the same shortcut over a period of time.

Where the Wild Things Are

by Ellen Munro

Here’s a poster for the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ film due to be released later this year. It will be interesting to see how such a well loved children’s book is adapted for the big screen. Screen shots after the jump.


Beauty is a dirty word?

by Sarah Ridley

Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust, is a man after our own hearts.  He speaks up for beauty and asks why is it scorned just when we need it most as a salve to worldly cares?  Certainly resonates with our feelings about making brands beautiful.

Read his article from The Sunday Times….



Happy Birthday Barbie®

by Katie Monk

Barbie® turned 50 earlier this month and among some of the presents she received was this special edition Fiat 500, lucky girl!  (Although I have to say the pink is a bit much for me and I’m happier with my own version in cha cha azure; that’s baby blue to the 500 novice among you)

Fiat has created two special edition pink Barbie(TM) Fiat 500 life-sized show cars especially for Barbie®, which were revealed in Milan on March 9th and will continue to appear at celebrations and Barbie® parties around the globe throughout the anniversary year.

In the true spirit of Barbie® , ‘who is best friends to girls the world over’, the special-edition Fiat 500 will be made available to little girls in the toy format starting in October of this year.

More photos after the jump…


Rough Luxury

by Katie Monk

This is the Rough Luxe Hotel in Kings Cross which opened in September 2008.  It is the brain child of designer and curator Rabih Hage who says ‘Beauty is subjective. Perfection doesn’t mean beauty. It’s not important. What makes a place great to stay is the location, the welcome you get and how well you are looked after. The material side is irrelevant.’

The hotel has nine rooms and incorporates partially sanded walls, chipped paint and bare floorboards alongside opulent furnishings chosen by Hage. Murals created from photographs of interiors by artist Massimo Listri cover some of the walls’.


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