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R.I.P. Our Hero

by Adam Ellis

Paper engineering skills

by Adam Ellis

CPB Airways…This is your captain speaking…today we will be testing our craft skills…you have 1 sheet of A3 paper to produce the best designed paper aeroplane you can, distance trials will commence at 11.00am..may the best pilot win…

A new year, 5 new Beautiful Things….

by Stephen Bell

At Coley Porter Bell we believe in making brands beautiful. Beautiful brands are based on a beautiful truth. They stand out from the crowd, they play on your mind and leave a lasting impression. We wanted to share with you the things that inspire us as we make brands beautiful, the things that drive our thinking.

This is the new edition of our monthly ’5 beautiful things’. January can feel a little dreary, and perhaps this year even more so…..but we hope this collection of beautiful things goes someway to addressing that.


colour therapy: spice up your life!


Sugar and colour to sweeten your day

by Nicky Nole

After talking about it for ages and taking my own trip once a week to indulge, I thought I should let everyone else in on my sweet secret: Candy Cakes. Nestled in Seven Dials this cake shop makes cupcakes the size of a fist and bright enough to put a bit of sunshine into your life on any rainy London day . . .


Waste Not, Want Not Exhibition

by Amanda Cragg


During the war, posters were urging shoppers to bring their own paper to wrap their purchases, housewives were encouraged to ‘make do’ and ‘mend’ rather than buy new clothes and leaflets were ditributed inspiring people to be ‘imaginative’ with potatoes. Although I’m sure most of you won’t remember these years, the lessons from the past are invaluable at teaching us how to economise, save and salvage… which is why a new exhibition at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising has just opened in Notting Hill examining how Britain coped in the 1940′s. For full details visit the Museum of Brands website at:

Music video inspiration

by cpbadmin01

The Dog track – ‘Bubblicious’, directed by Geoffroy De Crecy

Some great music videos have captured our attention here at Coley Porter Bell recently. Starting with this charming hand-made promo directed by Geoffroy De Crecy for Rex The Dog.


A Harsh Reality

by Michael Canturi

On a recent trip to New York, I stumbled across the work of a great young photographer by the name of Mikhael Subotzky. Tucked away in one of the side gallery’s of the epic MOMA, images of gritty South African prisoners sat juxtaposed with rural wastelands and chance encounters with everyday locals. Harsh, vivid yet beautifully captured, his images left a huge impression.

Some taglines never get tired…

by Ellen Munro

Clever ambient media campaign for KitKat from JWT London.

Blog goes live! The count down begins…

by cpbadmin01

The CPB Blog has be running internally for almost two weeks now. I hope you’ve been enjoying the excellent posts that the Coley’s team have been writing.

Our thoughts now turn to the Blog going live in the next week or so. But before we do, now would be a great chance to get some of your feedback.


Colour Therapy (spice up your life)!

by Stephen Bell

Living in the UK at this time of year can be pretty depressing what with short days and little light, everything seems to have a grey cast to it. It’s a bit like living in a tupperware box. This lack of light and its effect on our mood has been well documented and it even has a medical name – Seasonal Affective Disorder- or S.A.D. for short. Special lightboxes are recommended as a cure. However I also believe we suffer from a lack of exposure to beautiful, pure, intense and cheery colour due to this lack of illumimation. Colour and therefore the world around us is put through a grey filter and flattened. It feels like our spirits are too.

My prescription for this malady is to get some brilliant colour into your life, quickly. It maybe a trip to a gawdy and colourful shopping mall (colour therapy + retail therapy = twice the buzz), a visit to a vibrant art exhibition or spending time in a bar or restaurant whose interior design is inspired by sunnier climates and cultures. You may also choose to wear really bright colours…..your colleagues will appreciate this or you can simply spend time looking at photos and films that transport you to brighter, more colourful places. To help you on your way, here are some pictures I took in Marrakech last November. The colours there are incredible. I hope they cheer you up a little.


This blog is about all the things that inspire us as we make brands beautiful: insights and ideas, points of view, fabulous work, nascent trends - all the things that excite us and help us to see new possibilities for the brands we work on. So please enjoy, add your comments, forward the link, and come back and see us. We’ll be posting regularly.